Shortly after the deadly tsunami struck south Asia on 26 December 2004, The Rotary Foundation established the Solidarity in South Asia fund to assist Rotarians in supporting long-term recovery efforts in affected communities. Contributors from around the world have given over $5 million to this fund, which was closed to new contributions on 15 May 2005.

The Foundation recognizes the tremendous efforts of Rotarians to help in the wake of the devastation. Several districts have already made progress in recovery assistance even before funds were distributed. Given that Rotarians in the affected areas know best how to meet the recovery needs of their communities, the trustees have requested their chairman to appoint national committees for the most-affected countries (India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) to direct the use of money contributed to the Solidarity in South Asia fund. The committees will have broad authority to determine how the available funds will be used.

Committee members include:

India (Districts 2980, 3210, 3230 and 3290)
Chair-PC Thomas, Past RI Director
R. Katharnathan, Governor, D2980
R. Reghanath, Governor D3210
Benjamin Cherian, Governor, D3230
Prabir Chakravarti, Governor, D3290

Indonesia (District 3400)

Chair-Mustapha Ma, Past Governor, D3300 (Malaysia)
Ritje Rihatinah, Governor, D3400
Natalia P. Soebagjo, Past Governor, D3400
Mark K.Y. Wong, Past Governor, D3400

Sri Lanka (District 3220)

Chair-Gemunu Gunatilleke, Past Governor, D3220
Lucky Pieris, Governor, D3220
K.R. Ravidran, Past Governor, D3220

Thailand (District 3330)
Chair-Voravut Pongvitayapanu, Governor, D3330
Saowalak Rattanavich, Past Governor, D3350
Surat Buawan, Governor, D3340
Chaisinn Manninan, Past Governor D3360